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Just looked at trying to get this to work on my Linux box through Wine, and I couldn't even load it.  This is an issue I've seen with other games with the DLLs.  I haven't found a solution for it yet.  

I'm not sure if you can build it for Linux, but if so, I'd sure appreciate it.  

The current build is Windows only. If we see there's enough demand for it we might consider doing Linux and Mac versions, but unfortunately we don't currently have any systems to tests those builds on 😖

Yeah, the "no systems to test builds on" is a pretty reasonable reason for not releasing unless you see that you have people interested.  It's hard to really figure out why a build is broken, when you can't test things in pretty rapid succession.  

I've got the Windows version working enough on my computer.  Though I'm not sure it's working correctly.  Most of what I'm seeing is black.  

Umm... where can I download it

We should have an early demo releasing soon! Stay tuned to our social networks for the announcement!